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To Give Light

God Of Peace Hoodie

God Of Peace Hoodie

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Your new favorite hoodie!

We believe the way we dress is the ultimate expression of who we are!

So we created the “God Of Peace” design to remind the people of God that they prevail over the devil!

Sometimes we walk the narrow road feeling defeated, but we need to stop and be reminded that our enemy’s reign is crushed by the God of Peace! No longer are we Satan’s prisoners! We’re God’s people!

We’re not victims; we’re victors through the Blood Of Christ! We hope this shirt challenges you to remember where you stand!

The “God Of Peace“ hoodie has a modern look so it’s not like an average hoodie! And unlike other hoodies, the pockets feel like actually pockets giving this hoodie a clean sleek look!

And because it’s super soft, comfortable, and light-weight, it easily can become the hoodie you always reach for! We even dare you to wear it every where and see for your self!

What makes it so comfortable is that it’s a blend of 60% cotton/ 40% polyester and weighs only 7.4 oz!

So wear this hoodie and Arise & Shine!

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