Does The American Church Have a Future?

The American Church Is Failing.

"Does The American Church Have a Future?" It’s discouraging to watch the current state the American Church is in. Somewhere there’s someone who left the church because it failed them. And in their opinion, the world offered something better. Unfortunately, most of us know of someone in that situation.

The scary thing is that it’s not rare but it’s becoming the new norm.

The American Church has lost its focus on loving and serving through their actions the way Jesus did. We've placed too much of an emphasis on church trends, stage designs and being the next "viral" church.

Because of this Christian subculture, the American Church seems more evolutionary than revolutionary. It has caused the American Church to pay the price of society viewing it as "unessential."

More and more they see us as a weekend social club whose members call themselves “Christians.” Of course, the world can never understand spiritual matters. But that should be due to their spiritual deadness and not the spiritual deadness of the Church.

You might be wondering if it’s possible for the world to view the Church as essential or relevant. We believe it's possible. It's the result of when the body of Christ demonstrates the love of God through good works.

We Imagine Something Different.

Our goal is to challenge the status quo of American Christianity. We envision a world where the body of Christ is making a difference through their actions. We see Christians being the salt and light that the world needs it to be.

And we believe they can bring change to their towns and cities and be a reason why others glorify the Father. We see a world where it's the Church who's influencing the culture through the love of Christ.

In 2008, an atheist wrote an article expressing why he believed Africa needed God. He believed this because he saw the tremendous good Christian missionaries were doing.

We don’t think this should be something rare but it should be the norm.

We want to change the belief that ministry only happens on a stage with a mic, but that ministry ALSO takes place in our homes, in our jobs, in our businesses and in our communities.

Even though the world is falling apart, we believe you can make a difference. We want to inspire and equip you to let your light shine by loving like Christ through your actions.

We want to be a weapon in your arsenal that helps you walk in your calling and fulfill the good works God has for you.

Together, we believe we can be a counterculture who brings change and influence to this hopeless world. We believe the Church is a sleeping giant and we want to help wake it up.

How We Plan To Do This.

Our goal is to create content and resources that inspires and helps the Body of Christ arise and shine in this dark world!

Everything we create is to help Christians walk in their calling and fulfill the good works God has prepared for them.

And we want to continue making them available for free as best as we can.

But we understand that we can’t do this alone. There’s an old saying that says, “if you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.” We want to go together and we want to go far!

We know movements don’t happen because of one person but because of people who believe in the same cause.

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Thank you and much love!

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